Gabriel H. Wilson Award

The Gabriel H. Wilson Award presented for the best paper presented at the WNRS Annual Meeting was established in 1988 in honor of the first WNRS President, Gabriel H. Wilson, MD. The award recipient is selected by members of the Gabriel H. Wilson Award Committee.

Past Gabriel H. Wilson Award Recipients:

1988 W.A. Stringer
Xenon-CT Demonstration of Non-Uniform Local Cerebral Vascular Reactivity Following Manipulation of Arterial PC02
1989 Walter Kucharczyk
Phospholipid Vesicles: A Cause of T1 Shortening without Chemical Shift
1990 John Kucharczyk
Diffusion/Perfusion MR Imaging of Acute Cerebral Ischemia
1991 Wayne L. Davis
3-D Time of Flight (3-D TOF) and Multiple Overlapping Thin-Slab Acquisition (MOTSA) Techniques for Intracranial MR Angiography
Charles W. Kerber (Honorable Mention)
A Rheologic Basis for MR Angiography of the Cartoid Bulb
Marvin D. Nelson, Jr. (Honorable Mention)
Is Gliosis Detectable by Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
1992 William W. Orrison
Clinical Applications of Magnetic Source Imaging
Jay S. Tsuruda (Honorable Mention)
A Phrased Array RF Coil Assembly for High Resolution Imaging of the Head
Van V. Halbach (Honorable Mention)
Endovascular Therapy for Vertebral Dissection
1993 Rahul Mehta
Differentiation of Demyelinating Plaques of MS and White Matter Ischemic Lesions by the Use of Magnetization Transfer
Alexander M. Norbash (Honorable Mention)
CSF Shunt Flow Evaluation with Spin-Echo Phase Contrast MR
1994 Brian W. Chong
MR Imaging of Fetal Neuronal Migration
Van V. Halbach
Metallic Fragment Emboli Resulting from Treatment with Electrolytically Detachable Coils (GDC)
1995 Peter E. Ricci
Differentiating Recurrent Tumor from Radiation Necrosis with 18FGG-PET: Time for Re-evaluation?
1996 Brian W. Chong
Whole Brain Functional MRI of Complex Auditory Task Activation
1997 Marvin D. Nelson, Jr.
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the management of Patients with Phenylketonuria
1998 Charles W. Kerber
The Behavior of a New Liquid Embolic Agent, Neuracyl M., in Blood
1999 John D. Barr
Thrombolysis of Combined ICA/MCA Occlusion
2000 Matthew T. Walker
Differentiating Extra-Axial Empyemas from Sterile Effusions In Patients With Intracranial Infections Using Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2001 Kirsten Forbes
Improved Image Quality and Detection Of Acute Cerebral Infarction With Propeller Diffusion-Weighted Imaging
2002 David J. Fiorella
The Radiological Diagnosis of Atlanto-Axial Vertical Distraction Injury
2003 David J. Fiorella
Assessment of The Reproducibility Of Post-Processing Dynamic Computed Tomography Perfusion (CTP) Data: Impact Of The Optimization Of Post-Enhancement Image Selection
2004 William K. Erly
Are There MR Imaging Features That Predict Regression of Lumbar Disk Herniation?
2005 Hollie A. Jackson
Quantitative Short Echo Time in 1-H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Pediatric Pontine Gliomas: Diagnosis and Characterization
2006 Wade H.M. Wong
Preliminary Results of Functional Anesthetic Discography
2007 Leland S. Hu
Post Radiation Treatment Effect vs. Tumor Recurrence: Direct Correlation between Histopathology and Perfusion MRI Measurements
2008 Joey D. English
Utility of Multi-Modal CT Imaging in the Endovascular Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke
2009 Daniel J. Lattin
Radiographic and Anatomic Evaluation of Eagle’s Syndrome Using 3-D Computed Axial Tomography for Evaluation of the Elongated Styloid Process and Stylohyoid Ligament in Neutral and Head Turned Positions
2010 Timothy M. Shepherd
Reducing Patient Radiation Exposure during CT-Guided Injections for Spinal Pain
2011 Sarah Elizabeth Stilwill
Adult Cystic Fibrosis Sinonasal CT Findings
2012 Gary M. Nesbit
Direct Puncture Treatment of Orbital & Peri-orbital Vascular Malformations
2013 Catherine A. Chong
Atypical Age-Related Cortical Thinning in Eposodic Migraine
2014 Mai-Lan Ho
MR Neurography and Tractography for Quantification of Birth-Related Brachial Plexus Injury
2015 Bradley R. Foerster
Altered Excitation-Inhibition in Knee Osteoarthritis
2016 Andrew J. Sung, M.D.
Assessment of Blood Flow in Skull Base Meningiomas Using Arterial Spin Labeling
2017 Steven Erly, M.D
Analysis of diagnostic yield of MR sequence combinations in patients from the ER
2018 Nasim Sheikh-Bahaei
The Effect of Voxel Position and Tissue Composition on the Level of Brain Metabolites in PET-Guided MR Spectroscopy in Alzheimer’s disease
2019 Cassandra Jeavons
Spectral CT of Upper Aerodigestive Tract Squamous Cell Cancer: Analysis of spectral parameters and their clinical impact on tumor stagin

Gold Medal Award

The WNRS Gold Medal was established in 2013 to honor those who have made significant contributions to enhance the development and/or stature of Neuroradiology, including service to the WNRS. The Gold medal is presented during the WNRS Annual Meeting. The award recipient is proposed by members of the Gold Medal Award Committee for approval by the Executive Committee.

Past Gold Medal Award Recipients:

2014 Hervey D. Segall
2015 R. Thomas Bergeron
2016 Anton N. Hasso
2017 Wade H.M. Wong
2019 John R. Hesselink, MD, FACR